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  1. Pfalz bei Kaub
  2. Goldene Burg
  3. Mittelalterliches Spital in Blaubeuren
  4. Burg Kreuzenstein

    Castle Kreuzenstein

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    Even in prehistoric times was the site of the present castle Kreuzenstein an impressive fortification. In the 12th century a castle was built on the site, which became the property of the Habsburgs in 1278. A major fire in 1915 damaged the library and archive tract. It destroyed the art collection which included historical musical instruments, manuscripts and original etchings by artists such as Duerer and Cranach. Today the castle is a popular destination for tourist from Vienna. The castle rises between the Danube and Vienna forest and offers views over the Korneuburg Basin, the city of Vienna and large parts of Lower Austria. Learn More
  5. Pyramid with Valley Temple

    Pyramid with Valley Temple

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    The pyramid complex shows not only the pyramid but also the valley temple on the Nile, the causeway, the satellite pyramids etc. And you can have a look at the inside of the pyramid. Learn More
  6. Marienkirche Danzig

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